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Teecee Counsel is a platform that is dedicated to providing professional guidance and counselling to persons by connecting them to expert psychologist and counselors in diverse fields. Be it emotional, career, health or otherwise, our purpose is to help you solve problems efficiently and ultimately lead a smooth and happy life.
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Online Counselling? Yes.

This affords you the benefit of chatting with unbiased persons who will give you the best advice that is not corrupted by sentiments and other external factors. Also because we should never wash our dirty linen in public, Teecee counsel assures you of high levels of secrecy and professional ethics so you never have to worry about your private matters getting out.
Have you ever thought about giving up, just throwing in the towel? You are not alone in your thoughts. There are over 500 million people out there facing similar circumstances and thinking the same thing.

Who should use Teecee?

Persons who are about to face a panel, defend a project or present justification for their proposal/decisions. We are here to converse with you, offer experienced and informed advice and tips on how to excel at the presentation.
Addicts. Addiction is not exclusive to controlled substances. Any habit of yours that negatively affects a you or other people and has been difficult to desist from is an addiction. Have you been stuck in a habit or been redundant for a while? This is your chance to break out.
Everyday people that have gotten their hearts broken especially by relationships they cherish(ed) and are yet to heal and forgive. Vulnerability is a gift but it is important to know how to apply that gift optimally. Teecee offers an exit door for the pain and unforgiveness you bear and good counsel on how to love rightly.

How it works

You chat us up , tell us the area you need guidance on.
We pair you to a couple experts in that area.
You choose your counselor based on their profile on display.
The counselor immediately contacts you and you have a heart to heart chat. (NB: We have options for text and audio conversations).
You are happy and satisfied after the chat and can continue chatting with your choice counselor over time.

You should use Teecee because:

We are professionals
Our counsellors are well educated and experienced in their fields and one of the best you could ever find.
We are willing to help
We derive joy in helping sort your issues because life is better lived helping another.
We are affordable
We derive joy from helping out, we would rather not charge a dime for our service but to cover costs we take a token. We want you to have access to a counselor at all times
We are experts in
  • Legal Counsel
  • Corporate and Tax counsel
  • Relationships and Marriage
  • Education and Learning Skills
  • Violence and Crime
  • Psychology and Depression
  • Self and Life Hacks
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